Get Your Brand on Google Chrome Via A Conduit App
With Google's Chrome gathering pace in the browser market, you might want to get your brand on a Chrome App, and Conduit (news, site) are the people who can help.

A Marketplace for Chrome Apps

Conduit has been helping companies engage on the Web by helping create widgets, toolbars and apps for the various browsers. Now that Google Chrome is catching up with the pack, it's as good a time as any to ensure that your company gets some presence, particularly in light of the new Chrome Store.

Conduit claims to have the first platform to create and make free apps available for Chrome users to download and enjoy. With over 200,000 developers and tens of millions of users, it certainly has a good track record in the field.

Turn Anything Into an App for Chrome

Conduit users can create their first app for free and let the early adopters and geek crowd that, presumably, make up the bulk of Chrome's 10% market share of users get ahead of the game.

Apps can be value-adding extras, information widgets or alert tools. This added awareness makes free apps a great marketing tool as well as offering practical and beneficial services.


Chrome gets its own store as its popularity rises

Conduit offers its services to all sizes of business and has the largest marketplace for Chrome apps outside of Google itself. Almost anything can be turned into an app, from a part of your existing website to a game or service.

Recent additions include a Farmville monitor that tap into the popular trends, but your company could produce anything from a news ticker to video player to boost your presence, improve stickiness and generate revenue. Just to get a feel for the possibilities, the top 10 most popular apps from Conduit are:

  1. Play Mario Now (12,288,845 users)
  2. Social Games from TripleGames (7,384,892 users)
  3. Grooveshark music (4,381,184 users)
  4. YouTube (2,565,979 users)
  5. Browser Speed Test (1,814,965 users)
  6. 12,000 Games from Heyzap Games Arcade (1,618,850 users)
  7. NBA Playoff Highlights (1,358,232 users)
  8. World Cup 2010 (514,988 users)
  9. You Convert It - Online Converter (469,061 users)
  10. (309,210 users)

Making Apps is Easy With Conduit

Conduit works through an API that offers customized, interactive components using XML, HTML, JavaScript and associated technologies. The site has examples of personalized apps, general apps and tips and tricks plus a live demo to show how it should be done.

With community resources and tutorial videos to refer to, non-ninja coders should have no trouble converting site content into an app and getting it running on the Chrome browser to help spread the marketing message.