Big G has made good on its long-time promise of Google News redesign. The new look is personal, centering around a stream of headlines that auto-adjust to a user’s interests.  

While the Internet giant isn’t giving any details on exactly how it’s managing auto-suggestion, users will be pleased to know the addition enables them to specify areas of interest, as well as indicate which sources they would like to see more or less content from.

After picking and choosing, a feed titled "News for You" can ostensibly stream the news you're most interested in. 

Google will also display links to the most popular topics of the moment, as well as stories that have more lasting interest than breaking news. Meanwhile, a drop-down menu will be at the top of each story section enabling users to share the group of stories with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz or Reader.

“Users can select to view the stories by Section view or List view, and reveal more headlines by hovering over the headline with your mouse,” Google said in the official blog post. “We will remember your preferences each time you log in.”


Google's modifications (which can be disabled if you're not keen on them) come as other major news sites, such as, add their own customization options. 

Initially, the changes will roll out to the English version of Google News in the U.S., but other countries can expect to see them over the course of the next few months. .