Yesterday, Google Image Search rolled out a Bing-like look that features larger thumbnails, less text and a nifty little hover effect. Also along for the ride is a new ad format called Image Search Ads, which lets advertisers include a thumbnail image alongside their lines of text. 

Power in Numbers 

Because Google Image Search now indexes more than 10 billion images, searching through results was getting to be a little tedious. With the new layout, image results are densely tiled, allowing more to fit on a single page: 


Google Image Search

You'll also notice the instant scrolling between pages (shown above). This feature allows searchers to sift through up to 1,000 images in one page without clicking through links. Further, a simple hover pane preserves even more screen real estate by packing information like image name, size, etc:


Google Image Search hover pane

When an image is clicked in the new layout, users are taken to a new landing page that displays a large version of the image in context while the website that hosts it lives in the background. 

Image Search Ads

Image Search Ads is pretty  much exactly what it sounds like-- an image-based ad format for Image Search. The tool allows advertisers to include a thumbnail image alongside their lines of text, meaning picture ads will surface atop Image Search results pages in the same fashion as text ads appear on top of Google results.

These updates have already started rolling out, and should reach everyone by the end of the week.