Google continues to battle Facebook’s famous “Like” button with its new “+1” as the feature goes global today.  

Google's +1 button is a brand new-ish addition to Google's arsenal of tools, allowing users to recommend content to their friends and contacts directly from Google search results and ads:


The more +1′s a piece of content or product has, the higher it will place in search results — even for those searching while not connected to their Google accounts. 

"+1 is as simple on the rest of the web as it is on Google search. With a single click you can recommend that raincoat, news article or favorite sci-fi movie to friends, contacts and the rest of the world," reads Google's official statement. "The next time your connections search, they could see your +1’s directly in their search results, helping them find your recommendations when they’re most useful."

That usefulness went international this week, expanding to,, and Other international versions of Google will follow later.

Buttons with Benefits

While Google itself certainly benefits from the improved search results, so do sites producing quality content. By calling attention to the attention-worthy, Big G's button is likely to increase a site's loyal reader base and improve rankings as well as traffic. 

Most Web publishers are on board, including the Telegraph, the Independent and in the UK. Interested developers and webmasters can utilize Google’s online guide.

Having seen its recent social efforts fizzle out (see Wave), Google launched the +1 feature nice and quietly in Labs. (This is similar to today's ultra-quiet roll out of What Do You Love?)  Today, you can get all the information you need on adding it to your site here