Ever wish that your company gripe could get some support? Thanks to the folks at Groubal, your voice can now be heard. When Twitter, Facebook or traditional channels of company communications aren’t enough to get heard, Groubal lets people voice their consumer complaints and share them via a petition.

Gripe or Groubal?

The Groubal team reviews “groubals” and champions the most popular ones by taking the issue directly to the company or industry named in the petition. They give the company in question a chance to respond to the consumer complaint while continuing to seek out others in the perspective industry to do the same until the desired action is achieved.

By registering as a Groubal user, you can add your own complaint or support other groubals (publicly or anonymously), locating them through the site’s search tool. Users can promote their cause via social media platforms to encourage others to sign and support specific groubals. Once a user is registered or shows their support, they will be notified when significant corporate change related to their groubal has taken place. Groubal will also notify users about buying alliances that have resulted from groubal user’s needs.


Image 1: A snapshot of a groubal or user complaint against a company.

With more than 400 complaints logged, Groubal features gripes against airlines, wireless carriers, rental cars and other well-known company brands. Each groubal provides a link so that users directly associated with a company represented in a complaint can respond.

Holding Companies Accountable

Made up of people who have worked in corporate environments and understand what it takes to invoke change and corporate responsibility, the Groubal team works to ensure that consumer complaints are taken serious and that companies need to be held accountable to the consumer.

Though it’s unclear how successful Groubal has been mediating customer/company relationships or how much more successful Groubal is than directly contacting companies via Twitter or Facebook, it is another platform that companies should make a part of their social media monitoring strategy.