Five years ago, sixty minutes was a rushed conference call, now it’s an entire conference. Everything on the Internet seems to move a little faster; entire news stories are spawned from instant exchanges of 140 characters.  On March 29th, The Future of Marketing: Technology Driven Personalization virtual conference fully embraces the Internet attention span with a 60 minute conference, featuring 60 speakers, offering 60 seconds of insight on how technology and personalization are evolving marketing. 

The Value of Personalization

Privacy, personalization and marketing are frequent topics of discussion for marketers, technologists and business leaders that see huge value in understanding as much as possible about consumers. This personal data is used to create highly personalized engagement strategies with customized content, offers and processes targeted directly at the individual. Have you been offered a coupon to an expensive jewelry store on your anniversary -- that’s personalization in action.

Organizations and marketers have always attempted to collect information about consumers, but the emergence of social media, sophisticated content management systems and massive repositories capable of storing petabytes of information have enabled analysis on a scale that was previously impractical.

However, as organizations learn more about us from social activity streams and compulsive mobile check-ins, some privacy advocates are getting uneasy. Is the consumer really in charge? Is personalization destroying opportunities for consumer discovery? Are organizations collecting, aggregating and profiting from consumer digital identities with no equivalent benefits to the individual? Is consumer privacy being invaded?

How to Learn More

These are the topics that industry analysts, CMOs, technologists, authors and bloggers on all sides of the topic will explore in the hyper-paced conference.

CMSWire spoke with James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer of OpenText, regarding the virtual micro-conference and the personalization movement.

I believe that the amount of information being collected is appropriate if consumers are made aware of what is being collected and consent. There are real benefits to consumers from personalization; it can be equivalent to what marketers receive. It’s a fair exchange. “

However, Latham did acknowledge many consumers may not be completely aware of the full scale of personal data aggregation that is possible using technology. Latham is just one of the 60 speakers participants will have an opportunity to hear at the Future of Marketing. Other speakers include:

  • Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos
  • Guy Kawasaki, co-founder, Alltop
  •  Marc Parrish, vice president of direct marketing, Barnes & Noble
  • Chaitra Vedallupalli, senior director of worldwide sales, Microsoft
  • Suresh Vittal, vice president of customer intelligence, Forrester Research
  • Alan Webber, co-founder, Fast Company

Conference Details

Organizers hope that the short format will attract participants that don’t have time to dedicate to a full or multi-day conference, but have an interest in personalization, marketing and technology. The abbreviated format should provide the audience a high-level perspective that spurs them to think more deeply about the topic.

The Future of Marketing II: Technology Driven Personalization occurs at 1 p.m. EST on Tuesday, March 29. Registration is free for the 60-minute virtual conference at CMSWire will be there, will you?