Focused on helping organizations listen to their customers, Medallia has released a new Advanced Insights Suite to go along with its Customer Experience Management solutions.

Along with the fact that Medallia's solutions are SaaS based, they have a strong focus on providing tools to help understand and engage with customers early and throughout the customer lifecycle.

The company provides market researchers the ability to survey customers, share that information, and act on it in a timely manner.


Medallia's 5 steps to excellence

Advanced Insights Suite

The newest solution to come from the company is the Advanced Insights Suite. Built on Medallia's CEM reporting platform, it provides marketers with additional segmentation and analysis capabilities for customer data.

Features of the solution include:

  • Segmentation: Track customers over time using a unique identifier, slice and data your data any way you need to and view reports based on segments for any dimension defined.
  • Analysis: Use the Action Planner, determine what changes will produce positive, or higher, customer satisfaction scores (similar to predictive analysis). Use On-the-Fly Significance Testing to detect trends that are statistically important.
  • Visualization: View cross tab analysis with bright visuals instead of simple numbers. You also have the ability to create multiple dashboards for reporting purposes for different clients across your organization.

Providing an Integrated View of the Customer

Medallia's solutions do not stand alone. They are able to integrate with other third party systems like CRM solutions, and push results to everyone, everywhere, including the iPhone. In addition, you get collaborative case management, helping you take the information you obtain from your customer research and act quickly in instances where issues arise.

Whereas CRM tends to be more about the sales lifecycle for a customer, Medallia's Customer Experience Management solutions are about focusing on the customer relationship overall.

What would be interesting to see is how this solution would integrate with with social media monitoring to obtain a customer view that is not only based on surveying the customer directly in some format, but listening to what they are saying indirectly. Of course the challenge would be creating a single view of that customer.