Medallia Takes the Mystery Out of Customer Behavior
 Today Medallia (news, site) unveiled Medallia Web Experience, a solution designed to help website and e-commerce teams understand and improve visitor experience.

A Method to the Madness

Medallia's CEO Borge Hald says his company's new solution is the outcome of being asked by several clients to help them understand website behavior. “We decided to build a product that takes into consideration how all our clients would use this type of solution," he said. "Now, business managers of social media, e-commerce, and enterprise sites can use the same structured approach to driving business performance as other Medallia customers.”

The solution addresses three different areas the company considers to be important to experience management

Web Analytics

Medallia Web Experience triggers survey invitations to customers identified by analytics as "engaging in behavior that business managers want to decipher." Next, it appends web analytics data to customer survey records for later analysis. 

Comprehensive View of Website Customers

By integrating data from multiple touchpoints, Medallia can reportedly track a visitor's entire website experience. If a company cannot provide data, Medallia will attempt to capture it through visitor surveys, transaction surveys, product surveys, website service and support surveys. 

Dynamic Surveying

The customized surveys option can be turned on in order to take detailed samples from specified micro-segments of customers. Medallia says that because utilizing these surveys requires zero changes to the website, teams can run them independent of e-commerce deployment cycles. 

Other key features include: 

  • Performance ensured by built-in integration for content distribution.
  • Automatic integration of other data sources into the Medallia application (such as operational data like call resolution time, purchase history, web analytics data, data from later or earlier visits, etc.)
  • Alerts about unhappy customers and customer recovery workflows to help companies save at-risk relationships.

Medallia Web Experience Screenshot.jpg
 Medallia Web Experience Screenshot

Managing Experience  

Experience Management has been a big deal this year, and as more and more customers demand rich, engaging online experiences, we expect that growth to continue at a staggering rate. More importantly, it's expected across multiple channels, and so by offering a solution that can be used by managers from different avenues, Medallia seems to be on the right track. 

Furthermore, they're backed by some big names. Including Facebook

"Ensuring that we create great experiences for our advertisers is critical for Facebook's success," said Meg Sloan , Market Research Team Lead at Facebook. "Medallia's solution has helped us put advertiser insights into the hands of people in our organization who can react quickly and meet our customers’ needs."

Interested? Check out more information here