Mobileweb Launches m.Discovery, A Mobile Web Optimization Platform

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UK mobile marketing and service provider Mobileweb Company has recently announced the release of m.Discovery, a mobile optimization platform designed for delivering content on multiple mobile platforms. Targeted at brands with multiple products, services or branches, the platform optimizes content for viewing on almost all mobile devices.

Mobileweb cites the disparity between organizations' delivery of content and mobile use in the UK. With 19 million mobile Internet users each month, only 3% of businesses optimize their online presence for mobile devices. Most websites cannot be viewed properly on mobile devices, even smartphones. m.Discovery addresses this by ensuring the user interface is accessible from small screens and mobile-oriented interfaces.

Mobileweb managing director Martin Wilson says businesses cannot afford to lose out on the opportunities that mobile Internet provides, and highlights how m.Discovery can help brands derive value from being available to a mobile audience.

We provide a fully managed solution, for one purpose -- to position a brand with prominence on search engines and other key traffic sources to attract new customers. Our unique approach will ensure that we support a brand in delivering powerful business results and rapidly prove the valuable role of mobile.

A Fully-Managed Platform for Mobile Content Delivery

m.Discovery enables brand owners to get mobile customers' attention through its fully-managed technology platform. Features highlighted include the following:

Learning Opportunities

  • Compatibility with almost all mobile devices, including Apple's iOS and Google Android;
  • Dynamic updating of content;
  • Activity reports that can help determine trends; and,
  • Tailored delivery that can customize the mobile experience according to branch, service or product.

The Rise of Mobile as a Computing Platform

The popularity of mobile devices as platforms for delivering content is underscored by what Forrester calls the Post-PC Era, in its prediction of the imminent demise of the PC. While computers are not necessarily going away anytime soon, use of Internet services in communication is becoming more and more personal, and increasingly mobile.

Meanwhile, in the business environment, tablet computers are quickly replacing laptops as the road warrior's weapon of choice. Given the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets and even "dumb" phones with mobile browsers, it does make sense to optimize web content for use on mobile devices to the extent that content developers should "think mobile first" rather than miniaturize a full-fledged website, application or service. m.Discovery's service is akin to the mobile-oriented focus of Brightcove's App Cloud, and Adobe's latest Creative Suite release.

m.Discovery's service is a fully-managed offering that can be deployed in a variety of settings, including retail, food services, hospitality services and the like, in a matter of days. Mobileweb says users can see significant results in as short as six weeks.