More Social Media Measuring Methods from AddThis
Last time we checked in with Clearspring-owned company AddThis (news, site) the bookmarking site was touting their new Social Toolbar for IE as well as a plugin for Movable Type. This time around the team is launching a new way for publishers to track simple sharing.

AddThis Analytics

AddThis Analytics enable you to track how sharing on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and other frequently used services impact your traffic. Previously, Addthis Analytics only covered the sharing that occurred through tools, but now you have the ability to track URLs that are cut and pasted from the address bar with Address Bar Sharing Analytics.

Address Bar Sharing Analytics measures how often users share your site by copying the page URL from their address bar and sending it via e-mail, IM or other channels. The AddThis team claims that this type of sharing is often the biggest source of viral traffic to your site but is misreported by traditional site analytics tools as "direct traffic".

(Note: You can use it on any page but it will only be active for site visitors who are using a supported browser.)

The Dashboard Hype

AddThis has also rolled out Live View dashboard, which displays shares and clicks right as they are happening:


"With these new tools, you will gain even greater insight into what content is resonating with your users as well as gauge when and how certain articles gain traction," wrote Clearspring CEO Hooman Radfar. "You can start making real-time editorial decisions to maximize your users’ engagement."

Show Them the $ 

For Clearspring, the AddThis launch follows a US$ 20 million funding round, which the company plans on using for more tools for publishers. “Now that we have this massive view of what’s going on the Web, we’re looking at … how we take the power of that entire network and bring it to the individual publisher. Only a handful of companies on the web that have the reach that we do,"  said Radfar.

Interested? Check out the solution in full here