Netvibes (news, site) has added social analytics to its social media monitoring solution. But these are ordinary analytics, says Netvibes, they are "adaptive".

You Need to Do More Than Monitor

Preaching to the choir right? So obviously you want a web content (including social media) monitoring solution that does more than watch what people are saying about your brand and other content of interest to you. You need some cold hard analytics that will help you find where you need to do better, to help you make the right decisions.

Netvibes new Social Pack is a social analytics solution integrated with its monitoring solution. According to Netvibes, you will derive three primary benefits from this integrated solution:

  1. Social Corpus: You can complete control over the sources you want to track.
  2. Adaptive Analytics: You get a suite of live apps that cover the who, what, where, when and how, and are able to drill down into details, examining deeper levels of interconnected trends. You can also create your own live app to track specific keywords or blogs. Netvibes also includes a feature called SmartTagging to help you share sentiment, organize content the way you want and more.
  3. Persistent Watch: Set up any number of alerts and have them sent to your mobile phone. You can even auto trigger certain responses based on certain events.


Netvibes Social Pack

The Netvibes Social Pack is currently running as a preview for Netvibes Premium Dashboard customers. It is expected to be released sometime in July for individual professionals. If you want a private demo, you can request one.

Will these new social analytics capability push Netvibes to the top of the list for social analytics? Getting monitoring and analytics in a single solution is nice, although I don't think it's really new. But the drill-down capabilities for analytics and the ability to set up custom analytic tracking sounds pretty nice.

Check out the demo here:

Netvibes' Social Pack from Freddy at Netvibes on Vimeo.