China is considered to be a rapidly growing market when it comes to social media use. With about 425 million Internet users and a rich social media scene, the conversations and data in Chinese websites and social networks will require capable means of analysis for effective data and conversation mining. Two social media consultancies have recently struck a strategic partnership, aiming to offer their expertise to businesses with interest in effectively engaging this market.

Converseon (news, site) and CIC have recently announced a new strategic partnership formed in order to reach a synergy between the two companies’ offerings. The partnership will expand both companies’ reach and access to the Chinese market, and will also improve how multinational businesses interface into China’s online community.

Conversion is an international social media consultancy with particular expertise in social mining. Its Conversation Miner service combines automated and human analysis, and is offered to businesses with interest in mapping, monitoring and understanding social media conversations in their target market. This “listening platform” can span languages and regions, supporting more than a dozen languages. This also gives access to the Twitter Firehose -- or the entire Twitter conversation stream -- without worry of drowning out resources.

Meanwhile, CIC is a provider of social media intelligence in China. It offers various social media analytics through its suite of tools, including monitoring tool IWOMdiscover, analytics tool IWOMexplorerand engagement tool IWOMcooperator. These services are done with English-speaking, Chinese analysts.

Localized Expertise

The partnership will enable Converseon to expand its social mining capabilities into Mainland China, and will give CIC access to Converseon’s multi-language capabilities and multinational client-base. Converseon founder and CEO Rob Key sees synergy in the partnership, with stress on developing a “single robust multi-language social listening platform capable of leveraging ‘best of breed’ in market solutions.”

CIC believes that localized expertise is necessary in success at using social media for marketing and customer engagement. CIC chairman and founder, Sam Flemming, says that CIC has developed this kind of expertise through five years of mapping social media intelligence in the country. “We believe that partnering with Converseon provides a far superior solution to our mutual clients than trying tack on technology and solutions developed for Western markets which simply don’t work in China,” he adds.

Bridging regional barriers can be a particularly difficult task, especially given language, cultural and technical nuances. Social engagement tools are best used within the proper context, which localized services are in the best position to provide. Meanwhile, access to extensive conversation mining both in China and elsewhere allows for better decision-making for businesses and experts engaging social media users in the region.