New Webtrends Social Suite Makes Brand MGMT Easy
Today Webtrends (news, site) released its revamped marketing suite complete with a new name tag: Webtrends Social. The "social media command center" focuses on Facebook, allowing users to create and manage a presence on the network without integrating tools or writing any code. 

Webtrends Social

The artist formerly known as Webtrends Apps combines Facebook Page dashboards and wall management with tools (including moderating wall posts using keyword filters to automatically delete posts or send alerts for review) for building, customizing and branding apps. Meanwhile, the app builder utilizes a drag-and-drop UI, meaning just about anyone can join in on the fun. coding skills required. 

Webtrends Paged Dashboard

Of course, the suite also includes an analytic feature, which gathers data from all of Facebook's sources (Graph API, Insights API and Ad API) and can measure both Apps and Campaigns.

Better still: Webtrends Social is a freemium product. The entry-level version includes one Facebook page and one app, while the mid-tier version (for companies with fewer than 100,000 fans), costs US$ 250 per month. As for the enterprise market (greater than 100K fans) Webtrends hasn't released any details other than to say that it is "priced significantly below going market rate."

"With the evolution into Webtrends Social, we are now able to help social marketers with their full range of duties in a suite designed to monetize fan programs, not just build them," said Peter Yared, VP of Social, Webtrends. "Social marketers need help consolidating the slew of tools they require to do their job while showcasing what exactly is driving value and why."

The whole shebang might sound like a tired story to some, but we'd argue that Webtrends' playtime with Facebook remains significant because of one little factoid: Webtrends is one of the handful of companies with access to the invite-only Facebook Ads API, which undoubtedly gives the team the advantage when it comes to creating features that most of its competitors won't be able to replicate-- at least for now. 

Interested? Try it for free here