YouTube (news, site) has just unveiled a new service, putting all the best clips from particular sites or blogs in one place with its 'As Seen On...' pages.

One Page to Rule Them All

Actually, "service" might not be the right word, as at the moment, all you can do is view a couple of links to content from some popular sites. But, the idea of this minor piece of web engagement seems to be that blogs or sites which create or link to lots of YouTube videos will have these "As seen on" pages providing a single point-of-access in an easier to view form for a bunch of videos you might like.

There is no discussion in the YouTube blog post, on how, or if, you can go about creating one for your own site or blog and there's no obvious list of sites currently feted with a page. So, for now, enjoy the likes of what BoingBoing and CuteOverload (prepare for many kittens) have to offer.


A new way to view YouTube content

Your New Video Home?

With a link back to the source site or blog, YouTube hopes to spread some social love back to the originating site, but for now that seems about the limit of the excitement. And, it's not really that much different from a site having its own YouTube page.

But, if the service is expanded and made more obvious, there is no reason why the pages couldn't become a useful addition for video-centric sites and a new entry point to some sites.