With their eyes on next-generation SEO, Optify launched an enterprise oriented social media bundle that enables marketers to “act and track” their social efforts across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

The bundle breaks down like this: 

  • Facebook “Likes” Integration: The Facebook add provides an interactive view that allows users to track the amount of exposure each page is getting via Facebook, and compare shares, “Likes,” and clicks side-by-side with traditional search traffic.
  • Twidget: A new dashboard widget designed specifically for the Twitter for Business application allows customers to tweet, assign and schedule campaigns, and monitor traffic, leads, mentions and retweets directly from the Optify Dashboard.
  • Social Media Reports: This report (pictured below) displays results such as number of page views, visitors, leads and conversion rates from social campaigns, making it easier to compare and analyze results across multiple sites.
  • Keyword reports and other SEO enhancements: These reports help companies identify gaps and opportunities in their keyword strategy to assure that key phrases are aligned with SEO goals.

Optify Social Media Report

"The approach we're taking is different from what a lot of people have done in the past, especially in SEO, where you'd hire a consultant, get a lot of recommendations, and then try to implement those recommendations over time," said Optify CEO and co-founder Brian Goffman. "But as the rules change, maybe what you'd tried worked, maybe it didn't, maybe what you were recommended to do got implemented, or not. But you really didn't get a great ROI in a lot of cases."

The Twitter Angle


Optify's latest updates focus specifically on Twitter. In addition to sending tweets, the new Twidget gives companies insight into the impact of Twitter activity beyond what the platform itself offers. For example, users can see how many sales leads are being generated from social media, and the performance of each campaign can be tracked individually.


"...you have to start somewhere," said Goffman when we asked him about the Twitter focus. "As a content promotion vehicle for B2B, we Think twitter is better than Facebook." He went on to compare Facebook promotions to a "walled garden," explaining that most content within Facebook tends to see most of its success within Facebook. "If you want to generate leads, Twitter is a better starting point."

Twitter is also relatively friendly with search engines, as the platform provides their feed in real time while Facebook does not. Moreover, Google's recent addition of +1 further exacerbates its its non-sharing relationship with Facebook, and if that continues to play out in 2011 Goffman predicts our fine feathered friend will be a much bigger SEO partner.

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