Oracle (news, site) continues its charge to buy what it hasn’t already developed itself. This time, in its ninth acquisition of 2010, it has just agreed to buy e-commerce company ATG Technology for close to US$ 1 billion.

The new deal, which is expected to close by early next year, will give users technology that will help them with online marketing, merchandising and live-help services. Oracle says that the purchase will enable it to provide a unified commerce and CRM platform across all retail channels.

Earlier this year Larry Ellison said that Oracle would continue its strategy of buying makers of industry specific software. Now with ATG (news, site) it will have made 65 acquisitions with that purpose in mind.

ATG and e-Commerce

While ATG’s e-commerce application may not be industry-specific, it willl complement Oracle’s already extensive CRM software.

ATG Commerce Suite cross-channel solution consists of ATG Commerce and ATG Optimization. It also comes with ATG Catalyst, a program that enables customers and partners to access and exchange code, insights and extensions to ATG Commerce Suite.

ATG Commerce

A platform that is scalable to any size of enterprise, ATG Commerce automates and personalizes the online buying with out-of-the-box capabilities including analytics and testing, personalization engine and content management software.

ATG Optimization

This is a set of on-demand commerce optimization solutions that can be added to existing websites and other online channels.

Oracle and CRM

Oracle has an extensive CRM portfolio that this should fit into quite well, ranging from its on-premise version to CRM Release 18, an on-demand CRM application that added a marketing solution offering users one system that can handle sales, marketing and support.

CRM 18 announced in September that it was going to add a social relationship management feature, basically integrating social media into the product as well as business planning features.

Oracle said it made the deal because it needed to be able offer a CRM that can do just about anything.

Driven by the convergence of online and traditional commerce and the need to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty, organizations . . .are looking for a unified commerce and CRM platform. . .Bringing together the complementary technologies and products from Oracle and ATG will [do that],” Thomas Kurian, Executive VP Oracle Development said.

Oracle and Acquisitions

This recent announcement follows a recent trend by large enterprises who acquire companies that are seen as important to fill the holes in technology portfolios of those companies.

Both HP and IBM have been extremely busy and Oracle has been no slouch either, spending US$ 7.4 billion for Sun in a deal that closed at the beginning of this year.

While recent speculation of Oracle making moves on EMC seem unfounded, they do reflect an appetite for acquisitions at Oracle that is unlikely to be satisfied any time soon.