Spends Over $1.5 Million on (news, site) shed some major cash the domain name this week. The exact figure isn't known, but rumor has it it exceeds US$ 1.5 million. 

Domain name auctioneer Moniker was offering the domain name between US$ 1 and 5 million.

“Moniker and SnapNames, companies that are the exclusive brokers for the premium domain name, closed the sale of the domain Friday for an amount that significantly exceeds the $1.5 million reserve,” Moniker said in an announcement.

The Salesforce team declined to comment on its plans for the domain, but many speculate that it could be a possible redirect to the new-ish, a new service, or maybe a new brand for Radian6. 

Then again, also has a reputation for the buying and sitting on/selling of expensive domains. For instance, the company purchased domain in 2007 for an undisclosed amount, and when was unveiled, many wondered when the URL was acquired and how much it was acquired for. 

Further, Domain Name Newswire reports that CEO Marc Benioff sold to CashView. Though the cost was yet again unknown, CashView founder René Lacerte told Domain Name Wire that the purchase price was "nothing like the $500,000 or $1,000,000" that other four letter domain names are generally sold for.

Loose Pockets

With a new headquarters in San Francisco and those unforgettable (for reasons that are debatable) ads during the Superbowl, has been spending like it's going out of fashion. Analysts, of course, have been critical. 

The company has also injected money in acquisitions and such in the last 12 months, including Heroku, Radian6 and, most recently, VSee