SDL & SapientNitro Partner for Multi-Channel Web Engagement

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SDL & SapientNitro Partner for Multi-Channel Web Engagement
SDL (news, site) and SapientNitro have combined their respective specialties -- information management and interactive marketing -- in order to offer multi-channel customer experience solutions. The first round is already here for airports and concessionaires, and pays special attention to the mobile consumer.


The first brainchild of the partnership is called Ionos, a multi-channel communications and marketing platform specifically designed for airports. The solution combines an airport's real-time travel information with targeted marketing messages, delivering personalized results to travelers throughout their entire journey via websites and mobile applications:


This sort of offering accomplishes three important tasks:

  • Reinforced branding: The main difference here is that Ionos works with the airport instead of around it. Information is conveyed directly to the traveler -- not through third party -- while maintaining the airport's voice and tone. This method aims to inspire trust and ease relationship building. 
  • Increased revenue: Airports can also receive a share of promotional advertising revenue through impressions, click-throughs and promotion redemptions from Ionos channels.
  • Optimized customer service: Ionos Web and mobile applications include the option to write real-time reviews and ratings of airport amenities (like restaurants and shops). These reviews provide valuable insight into the traveler perception of airport services and concessionaires, and can reveal the areas that could use a little work.

“Initial feedback indicates that we are on the right track to creating a new customer experience that reduces the typical travel frustrations,” said Sally Covington, deputy manager of aviation, marketing and public relations at Denver International Airport (the first, and currently only airport to utilize the platform). “By offering the best customer service and by building loyalty among passengers, I believe we can stand out from the competition. Our new website and mobile application are helping us to reach that goal.” 

Learning Opportunities

A Peek into the Future of Web Engagement

SapientNitro and SDL aren't stopping at Ionos. The two companies are working on enhancing their WEM solutions by adding geo-location marketing and interactive messaging with targeted audiences. With a strong content management  system at the core, such offerings allow enterprise marketers to modify digital marketing assets for websites and mobile applications on-the-fly, regardless of platform, device or channel. 

“We looked at a number of Web Engagement Management systems. We built our platform with SDL Tridion at the core to leverage its leading architecture, workflow and security model,” said Ryan Scott, director at SapientNitro. “In addition, its multi-language and multi-site management capabilities meet the real needs of both travelers and airports.”

It sounds like it's worth keeping track of what this pair is doing together, doesn't it? You can check out more information about the Ionos platform here, or follow us as we follow SDL