Sitecore (news, site) knows that a complete customer experience is still a combination of digital and print media. To ensure its print capabilities are solid, it acquired technology partner Pectora.

From Web CMS to Print

Pectora provides several connectors that enable organizations to develop print materials using Adobe InDesign and InCopy, as well as its own Desktop Publishing solution, using content (as well as document layout and settings) from the Sitecore Web CMS.

Not only is the content stored within the WCM, but organizations also get the advantage of collaboration, workflow and multi-lingual management to support the creation of these printed materials.

From Print to Web Engagement

It isn't simply a matter of using Sitecore's content management and collaboration capabilities to support the creation of print materials. Sitecore also notes that with this new partnership and the technology solutions it includes, printed material can now be a direct pathway to web engagement.

Learning Opportunities

Adobe's Creative Suite provides rich document capabilities like dynamic linking and the inclusion of QR codes. So a person viewing a document created like this, can be quickly and easily taken to websites or specific campaigns. The example provided by Sitecore:

For example, by utilizing the Pectora technology integrated with Sitecore's Customer Engagement Platform, a consumer can read a printed piece of collateral or signage, scan it with a smartphone camera and be automatically brought to a relevant Web page for a mobile experience, while tracking the campaign performance for the marketer.

An End to End Platform

Sitecore adds Pectora's development team to its own in addition to the technology. The acquisition does give Sitecore a pretty complete customer experience solution (it released the latest version of its customer engagement platform early in June). All of this, of course, goes to ensuring that organizations that leverage Sitecore for customer engagement can now reach their customers across all channels, digital and print and maintain the user's context, so that the experience is more personalized.