iPerceptions, like many analytics companies, aims to redefine market research by "boldly changing what it means to listen to customers."  Unlike many analytics companies, their solutions focus on testing performance. Their latest efforts take the form of WASP (Web Analytics Solution Provider) 2.0, a web-based tool for taking a deeper look at the state of analytics solutions. 

The Buzz on WASP

Basically, WASP is a web analytics quality assurance tool. It goes in, checks things out, and comes back with reports on the state of analytics tagging and data collection on any site in real-time. New perks from 2.0 aim to speed up the process and include an automatic scanner, new dashboard view and data browser. 



WASP Dashboard View


A condensed view of the diagnosis is also available in the status bar via a handy pop up:


 Additional features include: 

  • Page-by-page or site-wide crawl and report functionality
  • Mobile site tag detection
  • Flash based analytics detection
  • Convenient sidebar with as-you-browse information
  • Missing and duplicate tag detection
  • Flash event capture capabilities
  • SEO functionality
  • Easy data export

WASP reportedly detects over 200 different tools including some of our favorites: Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, and Yahoo Web Analytics. 

"The launch of WASP 2.0 re-affirms our commitment to deliver the most effective and affordable web analytics QA tools to our clients," said Claude Guay, President and CEO of iPerceptions. "Web analytics quality assurance has traditionally been a key, yet time-consuming task. With WASP 2.0, we are providing analytics experts with a more efficient and convenient tool to optimize their quality assurance."

The Flavors of WASP

Speaking  of affordable, WASP comes in a few different flavors. The Analyst version runs you US $69 for a one-year licence, and comes with unlimited use of the basic features, as well as a built-in recording mode that allows users to aggregate data in their dashboard as they browse. The Pro version is US$ 699 per year and includes all the basic features as well as automated site audits and crawl reports. Finally, the free version is available for all you part-timers to test drive. 

Get more information at the official WASP site here