Tweet Everywhere! Apple Bakes Twitter Into iOS5
Twitter (news, site) baked right into iOS 5? Sure, why not! Tweeting a photo from mobile Safari as well as the default camera app is now a tap away. And, since the 140 character platform is also built into the SDK, it's now available via other applications without the need for a separate authentication.

Everywhere a Tweet Tweet

Twitter puts the news like this on their official blog:  

This means that you’ll be able to sign in to your Twitter account once and then tweet with a single tap from Twitter-enabled apps, including Apple’s apps—Camera, Photos, Safari, Contacts, YouTube, and Maps. And developers of all of your favorite apps can easily take advantage of the single sign-on capability, letting you tweet directly from their apps too.

Here's a peek at what it'll look like (more images here):


The feature, available in the fall, will also mix nicely with your iPhone Contacts by filling in your friends' names when you’re DMing or @replying, and it will be able to utilize GPS to apply location to Tweets. It is perhaps the biggest news from our fine feathered friend since New Twitter, and we expect the mashups and applications to abound.

It might be worth it to stretch over and note how recent times have shown that creating Twitter-based apps hasn't always led developers to the promised land. 

“We never heard from Twitter that they were building a photo feature,” said TwitPic founder Noah Everett when Twitter announced its own photo sharing service earlier this month. “We understand that Twitter owns and controls the platform, but a clearer roadmap from them and better communication would have been appreciated by us and all the developers. We’ve always had Twitter’s best interest in mind with building and running Twitpic, we would have hoped the same from Twitter, at least in the form of better communication.”

In any case, the news is exciting for Apple device users everywhere. See it in action here