Alterian (newssite), creator of campaign and web content management tools, is having quite a busy November. The company has announced a partnership with Experian, released multiple major product updates and launched a new customer engagement platform. The Alterian team is definitely working hard to remain a leader in the rapidly evolving customer engagement market.

Experian Partnership

Early in the month, Alterian announced a partnership with Experian. The new partnership combines Alterian’s marketing platform with Experian’s vast set of analytics and data tools to provide an integrated and holistic view of a customer’s behavior.

This cohesive view of the customer will improve users’ ability to create individually targeted marketing campaigns that are relevant and hopefully, more engaging than traditional one-way communications.

Marketing Suite and Engine

Shortly after announcing the Experian partnership, Alterian released new versions of its integrated Marketing Suite (AMS) and Engine. The 3.0 release of AMS will provide its over 500 users:

  • Additional platform support – Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and MS SQL Server Express 2008
  • Easier installation
  • Improved scheduling

Alterian also made significant improvements in its Marketing Engine. The version 4.3 release has multiple performance improvements, allows sharing data between projects and security enhancements.

Content Management Tools

Alterian’s team didn’t celebrate by starting the holidays early. Instead, they followed the AMS and Engine releases with an update to the corporate edition of their web content management system. Version 6.3 of Alterian Content Manager Corporate Edition (CMC) was announced on November 16th.

CMC allows non-technical users to manage websites using a Microsoft Word-like browser-based interface. The product also includes workflow, auditing and integration with SharePoint.



The latest release of CMC has several new features including:

  • Support for Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Windows Server 2008
  • Support for SharePoint 2010
  • Enhanced security and permissions
  • Find-and-Replace features within Source Code
  • Easier installation and multi-site management

Customer Engagement Management Suite Launch

Only two days after the CMC release, Alterian announced a new customer engagement platform, Alchemy (get the details here). Alchemy is the most recent incarnation of the company’s Integrated Marketing Platform; it combines their engagement management and analytics solutions into a single framework.


Alchemy user interface

The goal of Alchemy is to shift users from campaign management to an interactive engagement management paradigm by providing a centrally accessible customer profile with real-time data that allow organizations to communicate across multiple channels. The product also integrates with Alterian’s other web, email and social media solutions.

Let’s see if Alterian finishes this very busy month with any additional news.