Welcome to a new month! This time around our focus is Web Engagement. Read on for expert advice on how employee engagement alters collaboration, and why attracting the accidental visitor is bad news for your website. 

  • Employee Engagement Affects Collaboration. I think it’s important to address that engagement and collaboration are two different things (in my opinion) but they definitely overlap. Employees who are not engaged can still collaborate, and just because employees collaborate doesn’t mean they are engaged. This report focuses on engagement, as defined below, but does not really address the aspect of collaboration and how it might affect engagement, which I think is quite an interesting corollary.

  • Personalization and Retargeting: Can Your Analytics Handle It? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take those powerful database marketing techniques: data enrichment, segmentation, predictive modeling, and control groups and apply them to Digital? You can, but as you’d probably expect, it’s not trivial. Digital Channels present unique challenges to traditional database marketers. The data in Digital is fundamentally different and harder to use. Instead of demographics like Age and Income, digital data is mostly anonymous and describes a series of virtual events (usually page views on a Web site). Translating that series of events into meaningful data is extremely difficult – especially for traditional marketing analysts unfamiliar with Digital Analytics.

  • WEM: The Accidental Website Visitor. It's very important that you don't attract the wrong type of person to your website.

Poll: How Advanced Are Your Web Engagement Practices?

Our April editorial focus is on web engagement management (WEM). And one discussion we often have is whether organizations really understand what WEM is about. The challenge is that people perceive WEM practices differently at different stages in their respective execution maturity. We want to know, where you are today:

And Now, a Few Words from our Regulars

Web Content Management in 2011: It Ain't Going Anywhere. Web Content Management is, and will continue to be an important component of your web strategy. Who uses it and how it's used is evolving, but that doesn't change the fact that this technology is key to building and maintaining your online customer experience.

Tracking Users with IP Addresses, Not Previous Behaviors. We’ve been following the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Track initiative and its progress in Congress. While its outcome is still not known and marketers and customers are still fighting it out over the privacy of their information, online businesses are scrambling to respond.

Twitter Partners for Better Analytics, Improves Search. Twitter got plucky this week with both a partnership with Mediasift and a long awaited revamp to its search tool.

EPiServer Gets Personal-ization. I think we can stop worrying about EPiServer for a little while. Since the acquisition we all fretted over, EPiServer (news, site) responded by surpassing the 500-partner threshold. Now the web engagement vendor releases a new version of its platform that aims to bring personalization to marketers and content creators everywhere.