This week in Web Engagement, our gracious experts talked about best practices as well as whether or not the social media world is saving room for the website. 

  • WEM: Information Production Explodes, Consumption Stagnates. Our capacity to produce information is exploding. Our capacity to consume information however, remains relatively static.

  • WEM: Corporate and Mobile Websites Still Falling Short of Consumer Expectations. The analyst community has been abuzz about context-aware computing — delivering customized, engaging online experiences that take into account user context such as gender, location, time of day/year, weather, social media “likes” and updates. In fact, a recent Gartner report stated that “Context-aware computing — the concept of leveraging information about the end user to improve the quality of the interaction — can improve business results.”

  • WEM: In a Social Media World, is there a Future for the Website? Website audiences have become more sophisticated, more social and more mobile. Greater familiarity with the web and broader exposure to sites and experiences have made consumers more savvy and demanding. Websites must fight harder for the attention of their visitors. A great share of that attention has moved to social destinations such as Facebook or Twitter and on to mobile devices led by the iPhone and Android. As a result, some say the brand website is now obsolete. They are dead wrong.

  • WEM: Type is the New Cool in Web Design. Type is the new cool. Some of the most groundbreaking advances on the web are happening in typography. As we enter a new mobile Internet era, with the advent of the iPad, Kindle, eBooks and mobile applications, typography has moved front and center. The web has become a reading medium. It’s time to revamp your website with better reading experiences.

  • Why Quality Web Engagement Takes More Than 140 Characters. Let's face it, if your customer web engagement strategy hasn't already moved to a real-time open social network, you might as well be using a rotary phone, right? The irony is that a company's best customer web engagement can often be found within the closed social silos of the company domain.

  • Web Engagement Strategy: Best Practices in Web Projects: A Panel Approach. Working as a member of various Web teams for more than a decade now has taught me that the most effective approach is to work with other Web experts who sub-specialize in content strategy, visual design, information architecture and usability.

  • Building Web Engagement through Rich Media Webcasting. The good news about the Web is also the worst thing imaginable. Your company and your products are just one click away from being viewed by more than a billion people. The problem? So is everyone else’s company and products… If your job revolves around getting people online to pay attention to what you have to say, you are in a constant battle for eyeballs. You are fighting a war about audience engagement. So, what do you do?