wWebtrends Offers New Ways to Maximize Facebook Ads
Webtrends (news, site) turned a lot of heads when their acquisition of Transpond hinted at the future of social media marketing, but today's release of Webtrends Ads solidifies suspicions and ads bid optimization to the mix. 

A combination of technology from Marin Software and Webtrends, Webtrends Ads is the next generation of Webtrends Ad Director. The end-to-end performance marketing solution covers creation and measurement across  Facebook Ads, global search networks, and the Google Display Network.

Optimizing Campaigns

Bidding accurately to meet goals is critical, but when it comes to the beast that is Facebook, Webtrends seems to understand the difficulty in managing and optimizing advertising programs. As a result, Webtrends Ads reportedly focuses heavily on data-driven management, and comes equipped with a bid optimization feature. Further, the platform simultaneously offers fully integrated analytics, measurement, and ad and application creation. 

"The proliferation of analytics tools, content platforms and publisher channels has made the process of digital marketing extremely complex and fragmented for the advertiser," explained Chris Lien, Founder and CEO, Marin Software. "By integrating our leading campaign management platform with the analytics, optimization and social marketing tools available from Webtrends, advertisers can now easily manage their digital marketing efforts using consistent business metrics across the enterprise and deliver increased financial performance, efficiency and control."

Support for international campaigns will also be provided via a localized interface, and will offer coverage across paid search, mobile search, Facebook Ads, and the Google Display Network. 

The Future of Social Media Marketing Continued 

As we said, this update follows closely on the heels of the company's acquisition of Transpond, an application development platform. The purchase was seen by many experts as a window to integrating behavior with applications that exist off your site into digital analytics. Obviously, Webtrends Ads is yet another power play in this vein. 

The offering  will be available for new accounts in October, while upgrades to existing Webtrends Ad Director accounts begin immediately.