For some time now, web publishers have been concerned about advertising. Yet, finding new sources from which to advertise and engage consumers often leaves them paralyzed. Atex (news, site) is here to help.

Atex, a media supplier well known for designing and developing solutions that help customers create new revenue sources, reduce operating costs and engage younger audiences, has acquired Kaango.

Kaango, which employs an advanced web-based software platform that syndicates and publishes print and online classified ads, will let publishers reclaim the online classified marketplace. For too long classified sales have suffered from dramatic drops in revenues, once vital to newspapers’ livelihood.

Kaango adds a key ingredient to the publishing recipe so that publishers can “exploit the digital marketplace”, increasing ad presence and hopefully revenue.

There are many self-service advertising platforms making headlines, but Atex and Kaango are combining forces to leverage and integrate their solutions in order to meet the growing needs of their customers and the industry.

Having just announced that their Web CMS offers direct publishing to a variety of tablet devices, like the iPad and the Kindle, Atex is positioning itself at the forefront of web publishing innovations.