In full support of the rapidly growing e-reader trend, Atex (news, site) has just announced that their Web CMS offers direct publishing to devices all the way from the Kindle to the iPad.

Atex is Serious

In fact, the print and digital solution providers  are such big fans of e-reading, that they've dedicated an entire team to e-reader and tablet development.

"This team is assigned the task of creating innovative features that capitalize on our integrated advertising, editorial and Web content management systems to help our customers realize the full revenue potential of these digital devices," said Peter Marsh, Atex Head of Global Product Development.

Interaction is Trending

Think a whole team is a little much? Think again. 2009 reportedly saw 3.05 million e-readers shipped, but Gartner expects that number to hit 19.76 million by 2013. Considering the mayhem surrounding the release of the iPad, we'd say an estimation like that makes a lot of sense. 

A high level of interaction is in demand. As Atex points out, a media company can use certain e-reader models for tracking the content customers like most and allowing readers to leave comments and answer poll questions. This in turn boosts interaction, sustains relationships with the customer base, and allows Atex to feed user-generated content back to editors for quick problem solving. 

Atex's Keegan Skidmore makes an interesting observation:  

I am now a firm believer in the possibility of electronic devices entirely replacing the print media. I know lots of people say that you can never replace the printed part of that equation; that people enjoy the feel of paper too much; but I imagine a majority of these people will be the minority someday-replaced by a generation that's only known the electronic stuff. Picking up a paper to them will be as confusing as picking up a record or tape cassette.

We're sure there are some of you out there that disagree, but there's no denying the urgency around digital support. Atex is just one example (WoodWing's announcement of their iPad tools is another), but we expect to see similar offerings continue to pop up over the next year. 

Hello, Atex

Atex aims to please when it comes to delivering solutions that support converged, multi-channel workflows. Since buying Web CMS company Polopoly, Atex has been working hard to obtain revenue directly from digital media. Recent efforts include their text mining engine, which helps publishers discover their most valuable content, as well as Polopoly's support for third party widgets

For now, Atex content supports publishing to the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook and other e-readers. For more info, hit them up here