Polopoly Web CMS Supports 3rd Party Widgets with New Plug-In Framework

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Polopoly Web CMS Supports 3rd Party Widgets with New Plug-In Framework
Atex’s baby, Polopoly Web CMS (news, site), came around for round 9.14 last week. The highlight of the new version is the inclusion of widget plug-in framework, which aims to make tacking on third-party website components that much easier.

Polopoly as a Platform

In addition to the usual aims of a new release--better, faster, stronger--Atex says Polopoly 9.14 supports their "Polopoly as a Platform" initiative. The initiative is based around giving media companies more control and greater flexibility over how sites are built by allowing them  to pick and choose the trappings

For example, the company currently has a plug-in available that bridges Polopoly and its Digital Asset Management system. Connectivity between these two points means that editors can instantly publish archive material online.

The addition of products from third-party vendors means that integration is about to take a huge step up from Digital Asset Management to video streaming, social media apps, pay-view models, etc. 

Learning Opportunities

Sharing is Caring

Moreover, thanks to the new framework software developers can create and exchange applications with other developers. Sharing helps reduce the overall cost of website development as well as save a lot of extra time and work . Future plans include the creation of what Atex is calling a “storefront” to sell and swap digital components.

“With support for the efficient integration of widget plug-ins, we will encourage the exchange of popular applications,” explains Anders Weijnitz, Atex Global Product Manager Polopoly. “Not just between customers, but between Atex developers and third-party service providers as well — creating an entire Polopoly ecosystem where enhancements and elements will be available to any Polopoly 9.14 customer.”

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