Announcing the Google Blog Converters project! 

Tired of Blogger? Want to move to WordPress? Or vice versa? Problem solved! Google's new Open Source project enables you to easily move blog posts and comments from service to service. 

What started simply for Blogger about a month ago has now been extended to LiveJournal, MovableType and Wordpress. The initial release of the project provides Python libraries and runnable scripts that convert between export formats.

The source code includes templates for hosting the conversions on Google App Engine (pretty much one click and you're done). Google promises that future additions will include support for BlogML and synchronization tools between various services that do not provide an import/export feature but do provide APIs for accessing and modifying blog content.

We know options equal fickleness and with as many options as we're presented with by the Internet, people are bound to pull a little switcharoo every now and then. So all in all this new development sounds quite awesome. Not perfect, however, as ReadWriteWeb points out. One note of concern is mentioned in the readme file: 

"There is a limit to the size of a downloaded file on of 1 MB of data. Thus, these hosted applications should only be used for reference or for the conversion of small blog export files."

Dear ol' Google says they're excited to provide this level of control for personal blog data. If you feel the same, help a monster American public corporation out by checking out the source code