Smart Image released for InDesign CS4
One of the most popular tools for designers is Adobe InDesign. InDesign lets you create professional layouts for print and digital publishing -- of which images are an important part. With images comes the need to include captions, copyright and other important information.

WoodWing Software has come out with a new solution to ease the repetitive tasks related to adding text information to images. Smart Image for Adobe Creative Suite 4 enables designers to automatically create text frames for images in InDesign -- making life just a little easier for the creative folks.

WoodWing Software (news, site) provides specialized software for the publishing industry. Software that includes a new version of their web content management system. This new tool is offered to designers who work with photographs in InDesign.

Smart Image is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign that allows for the transfer of XMP or IPTC metadata along with the image and the ability to display that data with the image automatically. Frequently professional photographers will add various metadata to images including caption information, descriptions, credits and copyright information. 

Features of Smart Image CS4

With Smart Image CS4 users will be able to place an image in InDesign and have a preformatted caption, description or other information be placed right along with it. This will allow for increased productivity in the creation of documents with image and accompanying info.

  • Import Information Selectively – Choose what information you want to transfer with the image in an easy to use interface.
  • Manage Styling – Manage object, paragraph, and character styling for imported information to be displayed such as captions and descriptions.
  • Control Display – Determine placement, rotation, width and more for imported information.
  • Custom Text – Add additional custom text to displayed information without modifying the metadata.
  • Document Specific Preferences – Preferences are stored within the InDesign document itself to eliminate the need for resetting styling and display parameters.
  • Caption and Credit Placeholders – Create placeholders for places with images that are not available yet so you can continue your design without worrying about reformatting once the images are acquired. Placeholders allow for an image to be brought in without the need for formatting at the time, XMP or IPTC metadata will automatically output formatted according to set parameters of the placeholder.

The following video illustrates how Smart Image CS4 works and how the metadata transfer, information styling and display take place.

As Adobe grows and continues to push the envelope where media creation is concerned, rather than competing with them other companies are trying to add to Adobe’s products and further their now solid foundation in the industry.

The inclusion of Smart Image CS4 as part of Adobe InDesign CS4 will increase productivity and allow for workflow creation for image information formatting that is document specific and ultimately eliminate a large amount of headaches for designers working with InDesign.

Although not free, Smart Image CS4 is available as a 30-day free trial and retails for US$ 149 as a download from WoodWing's online store. It can also be purchased from a range of retailers. Previous versions for InDesign CS3 and CS2 are also available.