Mediaspectrum Takes Web Publishers Into the Cloud

Back in June, Mediaspectrum (news, site) launched its online publishing 2.0 platform, aiming to help web publishers manage editorial content and streamline workflows. Starting today, Mediaspectrum puts its media platform in the cloud.

The Cloud Computing Platform promises to integrate both advertising and editorial content management. As a result, web publishers can change the way future media companies compete and operate.

Mediaspectrum's Cloud allows publishers to consolidate, streamline and facilitate legacy solutions through a web-based platform aimed at promoting new advertising initiatives and opportunities. With the cloud, publishers can "plug-in" to their "business transforming technologies" sans set-up, software expense and cumbersome infrastructure.

Like the Media 2.0 Platform, the new hosted service incorporates the following key solutions, which together make up the Mediaspectrum Cloud Computing Platform. 

The Advertising Cloud

With Ad Sales and AdWatch, multi-channel advertising sales and production management are celebrated and provided.

The Ad Sales portal can help with booking ads, building and managing advertising and letting users log in and create multi-channel advertising campaigns for print, web and rich media. Advertisers can also quickly access account information, make edits and build ads online without complex ad building tools.

AdWatch, a multi-channel ad production streamlines internal processes by allowing personnel to track virtually any type of ad and ad element. Production departments can create, find and edit ads and their components via the web, as well as implement digital workflows, so that time, cost and complexity associated with the ad production process can be reduced.

The Content Management Cloud

With ContentWatch, a web-based editorial content management and production solution for multi-channel publishers, users can consolidate systems, so that they can submit various types of content (whether an article, photo, or video from multiple platforms, including mobile).

Don't Fail, Adapt

Last week, we reported that one of the ways newspapers fail is because they are slow to adapt and merge to digital, efficient platforms. So why not break out of the mold and adapt readily and ably with Mediaspectrum's Cloud Computing? For a limited time, publishers are able to experience the power of cloud computing without any obligation or hosting and set-up fees.