Mochila onmedia 100 winner for digital media
As you may remember, Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for text, video, and photo content ended 2007 with a bang announcing a number of new partnerships and services. This left us to ponder their continuing success in the New Year. Well, we didn't need to ponder too long. Mochila has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the OnMedia 100 Winners. They were celebrated for their "success in introducing new tools, services, and venues for marketers to have at their fingertips and for use to take their business to the next level in innovation." Marketers can add another tool to the arsenal that Mochila already provides. They have announced that publisher American Media, Inc. (AMI) has joined as a premier content provider, adding new health and fitness content to the Mochila marketplace from magazines Shape, Men’s Fitness and Natural Health. Seems they are taking their New Year's resolutions to stay in shape to heart! Mochila's network now includes over 3,000 members, including Belo, AFP, Associated Press, Reuters and many others. Like the others, Mochila will make AMI's content available for free to publishers by way of their innovative ad-support program, which in turn allows AMI to earn a percentage of the advertising revenue that accompanies that content. If exposure is the name of the game, AMI will likely benefit from broadening its horizons while Mochila gains another big name for use in the media marketplace. Even as we finish the first month of 2008, Mochila continues to demonstrate their commitment to "evolving the traditional way of syndicating content" and finding new ways to drive content distribution without sacrificing revenue.