Mochila Expands Online Syndication Network with New Partners and Services

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If ever there was a Best Year Ever, Mochila's having it. In August, Mochila -- the first global online media marketplace for print, video, and photo content -- joined forces with Clickability, a leading content management platform. In September, Reuters became a premier content provider. And Belo, one of the nation’s largest media companies, followed suit as a premier content syndicator. Not to be outdone, Citizen Image, a user-generated “photojournalist” firm, joined Mochila as yet another premier content provider in October. We're well into our last month of 2007, and Mochila has announced still more partnerships and services. Frankly, I don't know how they do it. Mochila's newest additions include:
  • an agreement with Autonomy Corporation to provide advanced search capabilities to the more than 2,700 members in the Mochila marketplace;
  • a partnership with GoDaddy.com to supply fresh content to their Web hosting customers
  • the launch of Mochila Version 4.0 with a revamped homepage and viral content badge system
Autonomy Corporation will help Mochila deliver a more powerful search platform to its members, thanks to search technology that identifies patterns in content, then groups them together to provide the most relevant results possible for members searching the Mochila marketplace. Autonomy also boasts a related filtering capability, with which members can yield more precise search results, organized by concepts, publishers or vertical categories. Mochila's partnership with GoDaddy.com will provide "fresh, rights-secured content for Go Daddy customer websites to maintain site robustness and encourage continued readership." With many premier content providers and syndicators, it's hard to see who is getting the better deal. Mochila offers GoDaddy Web hosting customers rich content over a plethora of topics from entertainment, sports, business, national to global news. In addition, Go Daddy customers will be to assert "total control over the look of the articles and headlines, and even choose how they are displayed to the end user."Add to this the release of Mochila's latest product, version 4.0. This version features a viral content badge system, a new reporting dashboard, and a "new channel wizard," which allows publishers to dynamically post content to their pages on other social media platforms (including Facebook and MySpace).With all these features and partnerships, Mochila's CEO, Keith McAllister boasts that the company positioned itself to "more broadly distribute content across the web and help existing members find the most relevant content available in our ever-expanding global media marketplace.” I can only imagine what 2008 will bring.