Belo and Mochila Announce Strategic Partnership

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Mochila Media Marketplace
Bellissimo!Belo Corp., one of the nation’s largest media companies, joins the fast-growing Mochila network as a premier content syndicator.Like Reuters and Clickability before, Belo will become a partner in the Mochila marketplace and participate in Mochila's AdMatch program, helping to create new revenue possibilities while "expanding the breadth of content for Belo’s users." The company has also invested an unnamed amount toward the growth of the Mochila network.Belo is sure to bring depth of diversity to the ad marketplace, with audiences ranging from young adults to a fast-growing Hispanic market. Members will be privvy to a richer online experience across the broad spectrum of Mochila offerings. With so many new partners, Mochila is asserting itself as a master -- a veritable Godzilla, if you will -- in its domain. Bringing so many heavy hitters together in the online content marketplace is not only smart, but attractive for buyers and sellers. Mochila boasts a simplified licensing process and flexibility in search, and in buying and displaying materials. Not only do these partnerships highlight the enterprise abilities of Mochila, they also highlight the perceptivity of its partners to understand the merits and perils of web publishing.