Citizen Image Joins Mochila's Swelling Content Club

1 minute read
Angela Natividad avatar
Citizen Image, a user-generated "photojournalist" firm, has just joined Mochila as yet another premier content provider.We always thought the term "premier" had something to do with being either first or exclusive. In Mochila's case, the title has little significance in either respect. Somebody should mail a dictionary in the company's direction.In any event this most current partnership -- building upon recent liaisons with Reuters and Belo, also premier content providers -- is supposed to demonstrate how Mochila is changing the online content syndication or advertising marketplace or some similar thing.Citizen Image will participate in AdMatch, which enables online publishers to both buy and syndicate content at no cost, in exchange for a percentage of the accompanying ad revenue.CEO Keith McAllister of Mochila calls the Citizen Image relationship "a tremendous step towards the growth of our photo library [...] indicative of the demand for all forms of content, professional and user generated."