Smarter Spell Check, Hyphenation Tools from WoodWing to Publishers

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Get Improved Spelling and Hypenation in Docs from WoodWing

WoodWing (news, site) released two updated versions of its language-improving Smart Speller and Smart Hyphen plug-ins for Adobe's Creative Suite 4.

Keep Designers Under the Spell

Design studios without editors is a crime (in this editors' eyes), but there are still plenty of image and code shops around the world who mangle the English, and many other languages, quite happily.

To help minimize mistakes, WoodWing has been offering solutions for online and offline media systems and has updated its Smart Speller and Smart Hyphen plug-ins for Adobe's Creative Suite.

The new features in Smart Speller include support for extra languages, including Portuguese Acordo. New spell check text selections allows the user to select what to check -- from text-only, text plus numeric characters and optical character recognition pages.

Learning Opportunities

Defend Your Page Space

Smart Hyphen also adds support for Portuguese Acordo, as well as the 1998 version of the official Swedish Dictionary, SAOL12, plus Zulu and Xhosa, which are official South African languages. Both plug-ins offer full support for InDesign CS4 and InCopy CS4.

The benefits of these tools cannot be underestimated in any form of publishing. Good spelling is a must if you are to have the respect of your audience.

Hyphenation makes documents easier to read and helps the text flow properly across columns. Another benefit, for larger organizations, is that Smart plug-ins can help standardize the results seen in published documentation across the company.

Both programs are available on a 30-day free trial and cost € 299 (US$ 421) each per language or are available in a bundle for € 498 (US$ 702). WoodWing has been in our news recently for making deals with CMS providers for its online products and this shows its breadth of coverage in the market.