Tape Failure, the guys who brought Big Brother - er, video to user tracking, formally announced its launch today.Ever wonder what people are doing on your blog, or that corporate site you've worked so hard to trick out, Tape Failure lets you slide right into your client's coveted eyelids. With Tape Failure's dandy mix of analytics and visual tracking, admins can actually watch the process by which a user moves through a website and observe myriad mouse movements. The beta exit boasts a number of unique new features that bring the Tape Failure user analytics offering above and beyond an already interesting value proposition. New features include Most Average Tape and Visual Mouse Maps. New accounts get a one-week trial at no cost. An overview is featured here. Tape Player enables clients to record user activity as they browse (and hopefully convert) on a website. Then, instead of having to sift through all your digits and graphs, you can play back your user activity. Tape Failure currently supports Windows, Mac and most Linux platforms. It also works on all major browsers. Prices range from US$ 8 to US$ 98, depending on the number of unique visitors your site serves per month. Over 250,000 visitors require a customized plan, so be sure to call in. That's a vast improvement over their initial cap of 10,000 visitors per month. Register for Tape Failure here. And let us know what you think. We think it's pretty neat. For those who got involved in beta, a 20 percent discount has been applied to your account for the time that you hold it. We'd be willing to bet a dollar that keeping user analytics and activity on video record would win some brownie points with the records management compliance cops. Well, maybe not. But we're sure they'd admire your thoroughness.