WoodWing Adds DAM Capabilities to Web Publishing

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WoodWing Publishing System Adds DAM Capabilities via Integration

Some web publishing and content management vendors choose to develop their native DAM products, others acquire DAM companies, and some choose to integrate.

WoodWing Software (news, site) followed the latter path and partnered with celum to add some Digital Asset Management capabilities to its web publishing platform Content Station.

Who is celum and What DAM Do They Do?

celum is an Austrian software vendor specializing in online marketing and communications solutions. The company has been in business since 1999 and employs about 45 people in its three European offices.

celum’s DAM product offering is two-fold: celum IMAGINE eDAM Server and celum IMAGINE centric Server.

celum IMAGINE eDAM Server is designed to work as a digital asset management repository with metadata management capabilities and permissions-based access.

Other features include multichannel publishing features (print, web) and MS Office and Adobe integrations.

en_IMAGINE celum DAM.png

celum eDAM Server interface

Learning Opportunities

celum IMAGINE centric Server allows to centrally manage digital assets along with their categorized relations in several dimensions (versions, markets, languages, content types, etc.). Those dimensions are customizable and created in a web-based interface.

EN_cdm cendtic.png

celum centric Server dimensions

What celum Brings to WoodWing?

WoodWing's Content Station has been integrated with celum IMAGINE products allowing content editors of Content Station to access assets stored in celum's systems from WoodWing's GUI.


DAM UI in WoodWing Content Station

According to Hans Janssen, CEO of WoodWing Software, "Since the very beginning, WoodWing has opted for a distributed strategy working with technology partners instead of developing all functionality in-house.”

Depending on the use case, there’s both the good and the bad in this approach, but it all depends on what kind of a business problem you’re looking to solve and how. That and a multitude of other DAM requirements…