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This year has been a challenge for nearly every company across the globe. The importance of customer experience (CX) has significantly increased, as more people have started looking to digital channels because of the pandemic. It’s put into sharp focus the need for brands to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

This increasing shift to digital means that today’s customers have become less brand loyal because they have discovered it’s much easier to switch to a competitor who’s better at meeting their needs. By delivering a superior and more memorable digital customer experience, you’ll see greater customer retention. (1)

To successfully align your CX strategy, there needs to be alignment between Marketing and IT. Marketing needs the tools to deliver unique customer experiences that drive successful engagements. With the right alignment, IT can help them get there.

Why Align?

Even before the events of 2020, executives cited customer experience as a critical brand differentiator. (2) Aligning your CX strategy gives you a competitive edge. These days, customers aren’t as attached to brands as they may have been in the past. Having excellent CX can help reduce churn, which in turn can benefit the entire organization through greater market share and higher levels of customer loyalty.

How to Deliver Alignment

As the foundation for today's digital business, customer experience is a shared responsibility between all departments. As such, having shared ownership over CX is critical to ensure everyone is on the same page about how to deliver superior CX. To this end, IT and Marketing need the right tools to deliver on their promises. Putting the right technology and processes in place will aid in accelerating your digital transformation and future-proofing the customer experience. IT can support Marketing by deploying scalable technologies that allow for a seamless customer experience.

How Can IT Leaders Align Your CX Strategy?

IT leaders are uniquely positioned to ensure your CX strategy is aligned with organizational goals. It’s with their leadership, input, and collaboration that outdated legacy systems can be updated to modern solutions to ensure the Marketing team can deliver the types of digital experiences that drive engagement. CIOs also have an increasing role to play in digital transformation. CEOs are leaning on CIOs more and more for their support, guidance, and leadership. (3)


Technology that can scale effectively and deliver a true omnichannel experience is critical in today’s crowded digital landscape, where every brand is fighting for consumers’ attention. Ensuring your CX strategy is aligned between the Marketing and IT teams should start early and be highly collaborative. Organizations have to be agile and flexible, with the ability to quickly react to changing market dynamics. Having the right martech stack at their disposal will go a long way toward ensuring a smooth digital transformation and unified strategy to meet business objectives.

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