CyanGate is a provider of digital asset management and analysis serving the advertising, marketing and PR industries.

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  • Jun 3

    Why Localized Content Is More Important Than Ever

    According to Gartner, companies who invest in online personalization technology outsell their counterparts by approximately 30%. Marketers understand the value that comes from strengthening personal connections with their audiences, and the impact these efforts have in creating long-term custome...Read more

  • Jun 3

    What Happens When Agile and UX Meet?

    User experience takes time. So when businesses introduce agile approaches, what typically happens during planning is people outside the UX domain massively  underestimate the time it takes to complete UX tasks. Continue reading...

  • Jun 3

    How Do You Maintain Customer Experience on a Shrinking Budget?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused sharp drops in sales and revenues for many companies, resulting in layoffs and other cost-cutting measures, including reductions to customer experience (CX) budgets. Continue reading...

  • Jun 3

    Leadership During a Crisis Means More Than Keeping the Lights On

    The fast-changing nature of the COVID-19 crisis has created extraordinary challenges for leaders. What worked at the start, when we were all struggling to make it through the day, may not be serving you now as we’ve all settled somewhat into “the new normal. Continue reading...

  • Jun 3

    How to Engage With Your Audience on Reddit

    Reddit is a massive social media platform that largely gets underutilized by marketers. According to Reddit Inc., there are 21 billion screen views by its 430 million active users each month. Continue reading...

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