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Call centers and contact centers fall under this category as both include handling of either inbound calls, outbound calls or both. Call centers that include handling of calls along with live support software like email, chat or social media are more often referred to as contact centers. Calls that are customer support oriented make use of technologies like automatic call distribution, interactive voice response (IVR) and skills based routing.

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  • Digital Asset Management

    Digital Asset Management

    by NUXEO

    A digital and media asset management system with features including asset capture, automatic metadata extraction, video storyboarding, flexible content model and support for a broad range of file types.

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  • Bynder


    by BYNDER B.V.

    Bynder is a digital asset management software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content such as document, graphics and videos. More than 150,000 brand managers, marketers and creatives use Bynder’s brand portals to collaborate globall...

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  • Ingeniux CMS

    Ingeniux CMS


    Ingeniux CMS is a modern web content and digital experience management platform. Its agile content management approach supports the delivery of content to websites, online communities, mobile apps, web applications, intranets and extranets, and more....

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  • Coztel

    by COZTEL

    Coztel is a complete solution for call centers including hosted pbx, predictive dialer, power dialer, preview dialer and voice broadcasting. It leads to connect with customers through e-mails, SMS, web chat, live chat and social media. View details

    Primary Use Case
    Hosted Pbx

  • Tagove

    by TAGOVE

    Tagove is a platform for businesses to provide live video chat, voice call, text chat software with screen sharing and co-browsing solution with in a website. It also provides live call recording, speech recognition, instant file share, call center s... View details

    Primary Use Case
    Live Chat Software

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