16 Crucial Alexa Skills For Marketers

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Marketers need constant ideas, motivation, data and the ability to access their favorite apps with ease. These 16 Alexa Skills for marketers help with all of that and more.

A majority of Alexa owners user their device to help them cook, check the weather, schedule alarms and control smart home devices, but as more companies and personalities invest in Alexa Skill production, marketers are beginning to reap the benefits.

To help you hack your mornings and learn something new during those quiet moments in your home, here are sixteen awesome Alexa Skills for marketers.

1. GaryVee 365

Marketing and branding whizz Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO and co-founder of NYC-based VaynerMedia, already has a sizeable social media following comprised of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. In typical Gary Vaynerchuk fashion, Vaynerchuk has moved quickly into the Alexa Skill space to give marketeers their morning dose of motivation and actionable advice in the form of a flash briefing.

2. Marketing School

Originally a podcast, Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Sui is always an insightful yet awkward listen due to the short length of each episode. But with the Amazon Echo, Marketing School has found a more suitable home.

The two entrepreneurs dish out quick tips on everything from Facebook Ads to SEO tactics. Their bite-sized sound bites make for a good way to start your day.

3. Web Analytics

Ever get the urge to check your website traffic stats first thing in the morning? You never know when a blog post may have suddenly gone viral. Thanks to the Web Analytics Skill, you no longer need to crack open a laptop to find out, you can just ask Alexa.

You can make broad or granular requests for numbers, from a monthly overview to how much average time people spent on a particular page.

4. SimilarWeb

Want to quickly dig up some dirt on a competitor's website? SimilarWeb lets you check for things like a website’s top referrer, or for the most popular websites my geolocation. Granted, this Alexa Skill may not be used on a daily basis, but it’s definitely worth having installed.

5. Chat Bot for Slack

Just in case your digital workplace wasn’t noisy enough, you can now interact with your colleagues on Slack by talking to Alexa.

Chat Bot for Slack is not an official Slack app, but it does let you link to your Slack account and post to specific Slack channels simply by telling Alexa your message followed by the name of the Slack channel you want to post in.

6. Conference Manager

Want an easier way to dial into a conference call? The Conference Manager Alexa Skill syncs with your Google Calendar to identify upcoming conference calls. After you instruct Alexa to dial in, the Skill scans your calendar, dials the conference number, enters your participant code, and then calls you through your Alexa-enabled device — all while you get your meeting notes in order.

At the time of writing, Conference Manager supports WebEx, GoToMeeting and Vonage. Once Skype and Google Hangouts are supported, installing Conference Manager will be a no-brainer.

7. Quick Events

With the Quick Events Alexa Skill you can add events to a designated Google Calendar. It checks for conflicting events and asks for confirmation before adding anything, so it’s handy even if you’re making plans on a rushed Monday morning.

For some reason, events are scheduled for 50 minutes by default, but Alexa asks if you want to customize everything from event length to location before adding it to your calendar. You can even schedule multi-day events if you need to.

8. Edit Docs

If you do most of your writing inside Google Docs, Alexa has your back. With the Edit Docs Skill, you can create and edit Google Docs on the fly to make sure you’ve got your latest marketing campaign idea noted down before you head out the door.

Edit Docs needs to sync with a Gmail account before it can list your ten most recently opened files. You can also open any Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide, and edit or add to that file as long as you remember its name.

Learning Opportunities

9. Startup Signal

Want to keep your finger on the pulse of the startup community? Startup Signal gives you a daily briefing on the latest news emerging from trending startups, angel investors and venture capital firms. It’s a great way to keep tabs on hot new Silicon Valley startups.

10. Shopify

If you're on the marketing team of an eCommerce retailer, there’s a good chance you use Shopify. The official Alexa Skill from the SaaS eCommerce solution lets you request information on orders, inventory, and store performance summaries.

Plus, you can ask Alexa for weekly or monthly store summaries, orders and sales reporting data, specific order information, product fulfillment information, average-over-value over specified time periods, and a summary of your best-selling products. In other words, you can keep well on top of your eCommerce store without ever looking at a screen again.

11. Authentic Digital Marketing Tips

Richmond, VA. based digital marketing agency Authentic were quick to jump on the Alexa Skill bandwagon early in 2017. Their Digital Marketing Tips skill will give you a short and sweet marketing stat or strategy to help you innovate.

12. Brand Haiku

Looking for some branding advice from Alexa? Brand Haiku can tell you how to build and sustain a brand, and how customers think, behave, and choose brands. If you choose to use Brand Haiku In conjunction with Authentic’s digital marketing pointers, you can turn Alexa into a half-decent marketing consultant to fuel you when you’re running low on ideas.

13. Task Master

When you do have some ideas, they’re usually followed by a long list of must-do tasks. Task Master syncs directly to the popular Wunderlist task management app available for iOS, Android and via web browsers. You can hear your task list, check on due dates and add items to your list with nothing but your voice.

14. Constant Contact

If you’re a Constant Contact user, you can check on the health of your email marketing campaigns using their official Alexa Skill. Plus, you can even create effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to meet your business goals. Finally, the Constant Contact Skill can also dish out daily marketing tips.

15. VoxSnap

For marketers interested in testing their marketing prowess in a new industry, or even for those wanting to learn more about their current industry, the VoxSnap Alexa Skill scans the top blogs across ten major industries — from marketing to cooking — to teach you things that you may not have come across before. Just more ammo for your marketing arsenal.

16. Anypod

Last but not least of this list of Alexa Skills for marketers is AnyPod. As its name suggests, you can use AnyPod to listen to over 3,000 podcasts, turning your Amazon Echo into a motivation-filled morning or an advice-laden evening.

Alexa Skills: The Modern Marketer’s Secret Weapon

That’s sixteen Alexa Skills for marketers who want to optimize their mornings and spare moments with actionable advice and time-saving voice commands. Far from being a glamorized music player, when used correctly, Alexa can seriously boost a marketer’s output.

Is your favorite Alexa Skill one we missed? Have you had experiences, good or bad with these? Please tell us in the comments.

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