Enterprises spend millions of dollars on systems that enable workers to share data and information — and just as much trying to mine the “ideas” that much of the data is built upon.

The challenge is quieting all the noise that surrounds that data.

How can businesses dig through all that data to find ideas that can be turned into business strategies or build out the systems they need to surface worthwhile intellectual property?

Beezy thinks it can help. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based provider just announced the release of a tool for idea management. It extends the ability of teams to capture and take action on ideas surfaced through corporate intelligence apps across Office 365 and SharePoint environments.

The new Ideas Campaign release adds idea management across all levels of the enterprise and enables management to uncover dialog and expertise at all levels of an organization.

Idea management is about surfacing ideas that may otherwise be lost within the daily noise generated by workers carrying out enterprise tasks.

Why Idea Management?

Where an idea originates is only one part of the process. Formalized idea management processes are most effective when they are cross-functional and incorporate the feedback of peers and management into the capture process.

Beezy claims “idea management activities will open up dialog across all employee groups, and help organizations that are suffering from silo-based information systems and closed-door meetings to become much more transparent. “

Learning Opportunities

Beezy, an enterprise collaboration specialist for Office 365 and SharePoint environments, focuses on enabling cross-enterprise collaboration and connecting workers. Founded in 2013, it provides enterprise collaboration software that extends the social capabilities within SharePoint to improve communication, extract and enhance knowledge captured within the system. 

Beezy has long provided teams the ability to create idea content types within its ShareBox and has worked with multiple customers and service partners to create customized idea management solutions, Chief Marketing Officer Christian Buckley told CMSWire.

"The new feature fits right into the extended capabilities that Beezy provides to SharePoint and Office 365, and provides another out-of-the-box enterprise collaboration scenario that our customers would have to otherwise go and build and customize on the base SharePoint platform," he added.

Ideas Management in SharePoint

The Idea Campaign capabilities in Beezy are available for customers using SharePoint 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online as part of Office 365. Benefits include:
  • Full integration into SharePoint online and on-premises
  • Support for idea management methodologies, including the Needs, Approach, Benefits and Competition
  • Better search and discover by integration with Microsoft Graph

By attaching Idea Campaign to Office 365 and SharePoint, it will encourage greater user adoption of both, Buckley claimed. It will give enterprises the opportunity to mine potentially wealth-making ideas that are hidden in the lass of data stored in both, he added.

Title image by Craig Sunter