Corinium Chief Learning Officer Forum, Fall 2017


There have been enormous shifts in the economic, technological and social fronts over the last few decades. These changes demand that our workplaces evolve to meet the new challenges and opportunities. To that end, even companies who currently train their people need to expand their efforts to create a culture where learning is truly valued and seen as a strategic business tool.

Following the huge success of The Chief Learning Officer Spring Conference which welcomed over 100 attendees with over 80% being in the C suite for training and development for three days of high level discussions and networking which left attendees ahead of the pace with the speed of organizational change and competitive needs.

The Chief Learning Officer Fall Forum will be bringing over 60+ speakers including leaders from Chipotle, Sony Music and Christies with 3 days of content with unique discussion formats that give you an opportunity to hear from a multiple of different industries and experiences to make sure you walk away with the tools to meet both your organization’s needs and the needs of your people at the same time.

On stage and by your side, The CLO Forum features one-on-one conversations with industry leaders who are grappling with the risk and opportunity that comes with change, giving attendees plenty of time to continue the discussions, in an invigorating, stimulating setting. Key topics include:

  • Digital transformation; how digital can support and enable workers with better learning experiences
  • What it takes to be a CLO; hear from a multiple of industries leaders with examples and best practices that align learning with organizational goals, how to engage learners, measure success, accelerate leadership in employee development and use learning to make a measurable impact on an organization
  • Data Analytics; how to effectively use data to analyze results and make meaningful changes in their learning strategy and in their business.
  • Generational Gap training; how to build the bridge between boomers and millennials
  • Adaptive learning; closing skill gaps and how to maximize workforce potential
  • Show me the ROI; how to improve and analyze programs and maintain and enhance budgets
  • Employee engagement; how do you create the pull rather the push? How do you create magical moments for your employees that feel authentic and are enduring?

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