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Metalogix Adds Content Management to its Cloud Toolbox

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Metalogix is adding management tools to recently released software that increased the speed of migrating content to the cloud from platforms like Office 365 by almost 50 times.

This morning, it launched Essentials for Office 365. And within four weeks, it will also launch Essentials for OneDrive, Metalogix CEO Steven Murphy told CMSWire.

“You can move the entire infrastructure to the cloud, but you still have to manage that infrastructure,” Murphy said. “You still have to provision your users, manage your permissions and understand what licensees you have in that cloud environment."

Focus Area

Metalogix has been focused on this challenge for a while now. In fact, Murphy said, it was one of the drivers behind the MetaVis acquisition in April.

“We want to provide the 20,000 plus clients that we have that are probably 75 percent on-premises and who are moving some of thaeir content to Office 365 and OneDrive a secure way of moving and managing it,” he said. 

Essentials for Office 365 is a  unified management suite that provides functionality to perform the lifecycle management for Office 365, from onboarding users to managing the migration, security and backup for content, all from a single management console. 

With more workloads moving to the cloud, IT managers overseeing cloud environments are looking for ways to improve both management and service delivery. Given the explosive growth of unstructured data, the need for holistic management portals designed to address these issues has never been greater.

Managing Cloud Content

While the cloud is arguably an economicial place to store data, there are other considerations, too.

Learning Opportunities

“Organizations have to ask how to manage the [migrated] infrastructure. How do you manage the service levels associated with managing that content? Does it deliver on the workforce productivity promise of easy collaboration?” Murphy said.

“You have to manage this big cloud beast. How do you manage the customers? How to you manage the licenses that you have put in the cloud? How do you provision onboard and off board users as well as content. How do you set the right security permissions?"

With MetaVis, Metalogix bought a nimble platform that required a single install and offered the management of all these tasks through a single user interface. From that, users could manage all of their assets and support the lifecycle of managing and backing up content to the cloud.

“Essentials for Office 365 is the second step in our cloud stagey. The first was at Ignite where we broke the migration speed barriers. That was the Number 1 issue — getting content to the cloud. Until recently it was too slow,” Murphy said.

“This is about evolution. We took people form migration speeds of 1GB an hour to the cloud and we are now at 50 GB per hour. Managing the migrated content is the next step.”

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