So early the other morning, I'm going through my Instagrams and all that kind of stuff on Twitter and I see a tweet from @SharePoint.

And guess what it tells me? SharePoint 2016 RTM is real folks. It's a real little boy now. It's not a release candidate. It's not a preview. It's an honest-to-goodness real little boy.

Yes, after all this time, we have the SharePoint 2016 Release To Manufacturing (RTM) edition.

Going Down, Down, Down

The funniest thing about all this?The announcement about SharePoint 2016 RTM coming into the world was on And there was such an onslaught of people clicking the link, that it immediately took down.

I was in the middle of a particularly engaging funny panda video and I missed it by like a minute and then I went in there and I couldn’t bring it up because they’d already killed it. It was pretty funny.

But now the news is all over.

SharePoint 2016 is a revolutionary version of SharePoint for a few reasons. It's the first version of on-premises SharePoint that was designed cloud first. All the previous versions of SharePoint were designed as an on-prem product and then wedged into the cloud, wedged into SharePoint Online.

This is the first version that did this backwards. SharePoint 2016 on-prem is now a culmination of the last three to four years of SharePoint Online, mixing things in and and all that.

No Baby This Time

Another important thing about SharePoint 2016 is that this is the first of the last four versions of SharePoint to come onto the market in a year in which a child was not born in my family.

My first child was born in 2007, my next child was born in 2010, my third child was born in 2013.I can tell you in no unequivocal terms, however, there will not be any SharePoint children in the Klindt household this year.So that's something pretty significant. No Klindt offspring this time.

But there is all kinds of great stuff, all kinds of fun things with SharePoint 2016. Microsoft did a great job preparing for this launch day so the stuff is all ready to go.

Goodbye SharePoint Foundation

One of the main things is Project Server is now in SharePoint Server and Foundation is gone.

So I've got you know has all the SharePoint 2010 builds for Foundation and Server all that, and has all the build numbers and patches and all that for SharePoint 2013 ... foundation, server, project, Office web apps, all that.

Learning Opportunities

Finally now has one link, because foundation is gone and project is built into server.So it's a lot easier for you to get the right thing and patch the right thing, since there is only one thing to keep track of.

If you're using project and you're you're looking into upgrade scenarios and all that, Project Server now upgrades into SharePoint Server.

I mentioned some of the other products. Foundation is gone. Office Web Apps are still around though it's now called Office Online Server or OOS.

Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft

Anyway the Office Online Server — OOS — is not out yet will be out soon, hopefully. I think the expectation is that we will see it before too long but it is not out yet and I think they'll probably try to stay the same cadence as they do with 2013 in releasing it at the same time.

So now that we're in his brave new world of everything being on the web and all that, RTM, the Release to Manufacturing, is sort of a weird phrase now. RTM used to mean that Microsoft was done with the product and it was shipping it to manufacturing. The people were going to press the CDs and DVDs and all that.

Well we don't do that anymore. We don't install SharePoint off that anymore, so RTM is sort of a nebulous term.

There is a SharePoint 2016 RTM trial that you can download now. It's only a trial now. You can't get licenses for it because it's notgenerally available yet. The general availability date is May 4 and that day is coming up and then you'll be able to go to your volume license site license keys and upgrade your demo to a a full version.

More Fun Things

There's more stuff in Podcast 284. So sit back, watch the podcast or listen on iTunes. The time stamps will link to the location of the content.