Egnyte is expanding on its hybrid enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solution to give customers more control over files accessed in any content environment.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based provider unveiled the data governance solution, Egnyte Protect, today. They claim it provides IT with "universal control over their content" and allows employees to customize their digital workplace with apps and devices.

Central Data Management

Isabelle Guis

Isabelle Guis, chief marketing and strategy officer for Egnyte, said data management and data protection policies have led to the shut-down or limiting of employee apps. 

"This is very difficult because the digital workplace is always evolving and employees always want to use the latest and greatest," she told CMSWire. "Ultimately this led to a reduction in business agility and user productivity, creating more harm than good."

Egnyte Protect, she added, offers a simple way to deploy an open solution that can control all content in the cloud and on-premises in a centralized way. 

"This way employees can use any apps via any device to access and collaborate on content stored in any repository, maintaining optimal productivity," Guis said. "At the same time, IT can focus on protecting company content/IP rather than worrying about individual apps and siloed repositories. This solution will be beneficial for all sides of the business."

Access Control, Encryption

Egnyte Protect is composed of four file services:

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  • Access control that helps companies identify issues with permissions
  • Eliminate non-secure links to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Unify permissions across content repositories 
  • Find unusual user access patterns to limit data leakage

Egnyte Protect also offers selective encryption that enables organizations to keep a select subset of files encrypted at all times, even after they leave the system. It includes data residency, which helps organizations control the location of content, between cloud or on-premises storage, across geographical boundaries and through different vendors.

Organizations can also retain data by controlling how long files should be retained, and who can access and modify them.

"This new product was built with similar principles that made our EFSS solution — now called Egnyte Connect — very popular with the enterprise," Guis said. "It's open, hybrid and secure." 

She added that Egnyte Protect is the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution in this space. Egnyte is one of the industry's EFSS leaders, according to Forrester Researcher.

"When it comes to IT, data management and data protection are very intimidating," Guis said. 

"They often see this as a major project and are afraid to open the 'Pandora box' as it is extremely time- and resource-consuming. In terms of how data management and data protection were historically executed, they would need staff and hardware to process classification, database etc., and there was a heavy reliance on on-premises, and the only solutions available were via big players like IBM, DELL, HP, etc. who are trying to upsell their storage/back-up/disaster recovery solutions. This made management/protection a very difficult proposition."

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