San Antonio, Texas-based GlobalSCAPE aims to make large file transfers faster, more efficient and more reliable. 

The secure file transfer specialist this week released Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) version 7.3 with an Accelerate module, which it claims will make large file transfer speed 20 times faster than with SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Also known as the Secure File Transfer Protocol, SFTP enables secure file transfer capabilities between networked hosts.

The Accelerate Module uses the FAST protocol, powered by Data Expedition's patented transport protocol to increase speed.

Large File Transfers Create Bottlenecks

As the numbers of big data sets and increasingly large files grow, so so difficulties in transferring them. Delays or latency are common and creating greater strain on existing bandwidth.

But Peter Merkulov, vice president of product strategy and technology alliances at GlobalSCAPE, told CMSWire the ability "to transfer data securely, reliably and with minimal latency and with full management visibility is a foundational requirement to delivering data-intensive services today and in the future.” 

The Accelerate module can reduce bottlenecks, he said. It's sold as a perpetual license.

Learning Opportunities

“The shape, size and amount of data being collected, managed and received today is increasingly putting strain on IT infrastructure and business processes, the demand for data is growing exponentially. With workforces becoming more remote and global collaboration being easier than ever, it’s incredibly important to ensure that data moves quickly and efficiently,” he said.

Accelerated File Transfer

The Accelerate Module is fully integrated with a central point of management and interface, which GlobalSCAPE claims makes it easy to use and fast to configure. It also comes with the ability to manage user rights and permissions and audit, a key element of compliance.

It also shares bandwidth with other active connections "instead of hogging a single channel, optimizing efficiency in the use of the available bandwidth as well as end-to-end security to protect that data in motion,” he added.

GlobalSCAPE said Accelerate Module does not disrupt proprietary protocols or otherwise complicate security and regulatory compliance.