Mobile content management vendor Colligo has unveiled three new apps, an upgraded management console and a new sync technology.

Barry Jinks, CEO and founder of Colligo, claim the new apps push the limits of Colligo's Engage mobile platform. They offer email management across desktop and mobile devices, new administrative capabilities such as enhanced reporting, central policy management and Active Directory integration, as well as document and email management for Android.

Speaking to CMSWire before the European SharePoint Conference in Stockholm this week, Jinks explained that the new releases respond to user demands for access to data anywhere and anytime.

“Employees expect great apps to access their data from any device, but along with that comes heightened security and governance concerns that are creating unprecedented challenges for IT,” he said.

Engage[d] Technology

Colligo Engage is a combination of two technologies that work together. It is client side — notably something that users recognize as an app — and is backed by a syncing technology that users don’t see but which drives the app.

“We are solving two problems simultaneously. The first is how do you create great apps that users really want to use. The second is how you create tools that manage and monitor those apps,” he said.

Colligo has also upgraded its Azure-based service called Console that is used to manage the apps, deploy content, deploy polices and report on activities that are going on the mobile devices.

Content Anywhere

The three new specialized apps that were unveiled today include:

Email Manager for iOS

According to Jinks this is the industry’s first native iOS app that enables email filing and classification on SharePoint/Office 365. It lets users integrate email with enterprise Office 365/SharePoint /OneDrive for Business experience.

“One of the big problems that this solves is that enterprises in general are concerned about mixing corporate and personal email services. This allows users have their own personal email app and a completely separate app for business, which can be tied to the same contact list. However, it also ensures that the two don’t pollute each other,” Jinks said.

Briefcase for Android

A new document management solution, it provides enterprises with central policy management, analytics and reporting through the Colligo Console on Android devices.

It extends document collaboration and document distribution use cases on Android devices as well as offering offline and online document access and management.

Email Manager for Outlook

Colligo’s next generation Outlook-SharePoint/Office 365 integration with advanced scalability was introduced because, according to Jinks, they are now working with enterprises that have 50,000 users and more.

While the number of users itself doesn’t pose a problem, it is inevitable that there will be deep file hierarchies present as well as multiple sites connected all over the world. This app is designed to tackle this.

Syncing Time

All three new apps have been built on new sync engine that Colligo also unveiled today.

The new engine enables enterprises to synchronize data directly to the mobile device, an approach that eliminates the need to support a new server to house corporate information. It is also more efficient because it does not require a two-step synchronization process, he said.

Further details of the sync engine will be made available in the spring when Colligo releases a Software Development Kit that will enable third-party developers build apps using the new sync engine too.