Collaboration certainly isn't a new idea — businesses have been practicing for years — so how is it possible that so many companies continue to fail in implementing a successful collaboration strategy and what are the secrets of those that are getting it right? Join us as we discuss these questions and more during tomorrow's Tweet Jam.

The Jam kicks off at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 1700 GMT on Thursday, July 23. As always, the broader CMSWire community is welcome to take part. Join in by using the #socbizchat hashtag, logging in to our chatroom or through Cover It Live — found below on the day of the Jam.

The Experts

The following experts will be on hand to keep the conversation going:

Learning Opportunities

  • Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst at Collaboration at MWD Advisors — @aashenden
  • Carrie Young, Principal at Talk Social To Me — @carrieyoung
  • Christian Buckley, Chief Marketing Officer at Beezy — @buckleyplanet
  • David Coleman, Chief Disruptive Officer at Collaborative Strategies, Inc. — @dcoleman100
  • Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer at Adjuvi — @dhinchcliffe
  • Kevin Conroy, President/Founder at Blue Rooster — @seattlerooster
  • Larry Hawes, Principal at Dow Brook Advisory Services — @lehawes
  • Rich Blank, Presales Solutions & Digital Strategist at Jive Software — @getrichieb
  • Sameer Patel, SVP at SAP Cloud/SuccessFactors — @sameerpatel
  • Stuart McIntyre, Senior Strategist at Jive Software — @StuartMcIntyre
  • Thomas Vander Wal, Senior Consultant and Advisor — @infocloud
  • Tom Petrocelli, Research Director, Enterprise Social, Mobile, and Cloud Applications at Neuralytix, Inc. — @tompetrocelli
  • Tony White, Founder & CEO at Ars Logica — @arslogica

The Questions

There's a lot of ground to cover, but these questions will shape the discussion:

  1. Why does the success rate for collaboration fluctuate so much?
  2. Name three conditions in the enterprise that need to be in place for collaboration to be successful.
  3. How will the increasingly distributed nature of companies affect collaboration in the enterprise?
  4. With an evergrowing number of collaboration tools used in a single workplace, what can businesses do to avoid collaborative silos?
  5. Why does the collaboration conversation usually put so much emphasis on technology without considering the impact on people?
  6. Will we be having this same conversation in five years? Ten? Why or why not.
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Participation Guidelines

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Introduce yourself with your first #socbizchat tweet. Include your name, job title and organization you work for
  • Use the A1 for answers to Q1 format (e.g., Q1/A1, Q2/A2, etc.) for subsequent tweets and be sure to include the #socbizchat hashtag. For example, "@bigbird A3 It increases the need and importance of an effective collaboration strategy #socbizchat"
  • Please don't pitch products or services — stay knowledge focused
  • Keep the discussion professional, but informal
  • Remember that this is a public chat — be thoughtful